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White Sage – 1. (Salvia Apiana) Also known as Sacred Sage, a plant used to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged; 2.  A circle of three powerful women making music used to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object who hears it.”

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        Jo                     Shaun                Betsy

White Sage has been making music together for only two years, but we who comprise the ensemble -- Betsy Wise, Jo Flagg and Shaun Phoenix -- have made magic together for lifetimes.  We sing all original songs, backing each other up with bodacious harmonies and instrumentation that includes guitars, keyboards, electric bass, as well as drums and other percussive toys.  Our music is earthy, melodious, and harmonious; folksy, bluesy, and occasionally rock-and-rolly.  It rises in sacred chants; soars in songs of praise; grounds in women’s true life stories.

Our songs encompass the breadth of the human journey and our place in the divine web of all existence.  As White Sage, we sing love songs to Gaia and all Her abundant, diverse expressions of life.  Our music, like the sacred plant the group invokes, is offered up as a smudge, a prayerful practice intended to soften the hearts and connect the spirits of all who invite these songs in. 

White Sage manifests a synergy not only of music, but of spirit.  We  weave together our differing energies, personalities, lifeways and musical styles as freely as our harmonies.  We three sing to bless the Earth, and to bless all life.  We sing to inspire healing among the human family, and to assist in helping us all remember that we truly belong here.  We sing songs of praise, songs of grief and longing, songs of righteous rage, songs of transformation, songs of homecoming.  We sing because we must, because we can, because we love to.

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